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11 Brilliant life hacks everyone should know

The Internet is full of life hacks but not all of them are useful to everyone. I mean sure you can use a plastic card to get the perfect winged eyeliner if you actually use eyeliner. We’ve compiled a list of brilliant life hacks that everyone should know because trust me….you will need them at some point!

No need to scour the web finding the best life hacks, we have 11 essentials right here. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

1. I can totally see cereal fans doing this every morning

2. No more struggling when trying to find the end of a tape roll

3. And now you can watch movies in bed while lying on your side

4. Even if you don’t go up on a ladder too often this is still a brilliant trick!

5. Finally a way to “find the needle in a haystack”

6. Making a good sandwich is an art especially if you’re OCD

7. Search comes to the rescue when trying to get rid of email marketing spam

8. This actually works and it even doubles as a dryer sheet

9. This is how you make sure you never forget the gas cap again

10. Toilet flood be gone!

11. And this is how you make a perfectly round fried egg