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Amazing! This is the smart pillow that will help you sleep better

I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around all the emerging household gadgets but I can totally understand why we’d need a smart pillow. While I sleep like a baby, I know plenty of people who are having a hard time falling and/or staying asleep.

I guess the modern life is quite stressful and it’s catching up to us at bedtime. The Sunrise Smart Pillow from Mode Modern will probably surprise you. This gadget is being funded via Kickstarter and has reached almost 10 times its $50,000 funding goal, which makes one thing obvious. People want it!

Make no mistake about it, this smart pillow can do a lot. It might not be able to cook you an omelet but it will closely monitor your sleep.The pillow tracks when you sleep, when you wake up, and how often you toss and turn using its built-in gyroscope and accelerometer monitor.

It can also play you music, audio books, binaural beats, and white noise. For the old-school individual, it also incorporates reading lights and the smart alarm is designed to wake you “in your lightest phase of sleep”, which means you’ll wake up feeling fresh and well rested.

If you’re wondering about the materials (after all, it is a pillow so it really matters), you should know the Sunrise Smart Pillow is made of memory foam and wrapped into a special breathable fabric. It even has cooling technology built-in which you’ll probably appreciate during the hot season.

The smart pillow can be purchased at a discounted price until the crowdfunding campaign ends so if this seems like your type of gadget, now would be the time to get it. And yes, every smart gadget has an app these days, and this pillow is no exception. The app will remember all of your sleep stats and provide valuable insight on how your habits can improve or worsen sleep quality.

Source: Engadget.com