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5 Practical ways to become mentally stronger

I think we’re all secretly hoping that as time goes by, we’ll become mentally stronger. Overcoming hardships in life can certainly help but it can also have the opposite effect. It turns out there are clever ways to become mentally stronger and it’s not just something that happens by itself …

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How to get what you deserve without asking for a raise

Technically….we all dream of becoming rich, but most of us would be satisfied with simply getting paid fairly for our hard work and skills. If you always strive to deliver the best results and even work overtime, you probably expect the company to reward you financially. In that case, you’re …

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11 Brilliant life hacks everyone should know

The Internet is full of life hacks but not all of them are useful to everyone. I mean sure you can use a plastic card to get the perfect winged eyeliner if you actually use eyeliner. We’ve compiled a list of brilliant life hacks that everyone should know because trust …

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Amazing! This is the smart pillow that will help you sleep better

I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around all the emerging household gadgets but I can totally understand why we’d need a smart pillow. While I sleep like a baby, I know plenty of people who are having a hard time falling and/or staying asleep. I guess the modern …

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