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[Guide] What is Bitcoin?

It isn’t a secret anymore, Bitcoin has entered our lives in force, mainly due to its popularity in December, when it reached almost $20k per coin. I know this might seems scary or it may intrigue you, we’re counting for the latter, so let’s dive in and learn about Bitcoin …

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How to convert WEBP images to JPG

Google implemented the WEBP image format starting with 2010. While it does provide some interesting benefits, it’s still not as popular as they probably hoped it would. Not all apps support this format which is why you might want to convert WEBP images to JPEG or other more widely used …

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Speccy – An excellent system information tool

Windows has a built-in System Information Tool which provides essential details but there are more advanced alternatives out there, and Speccy is one of them. If you need a more comprehensive but also easy to use system information utility, we have one to recommend. Speccy was developed by Piriform, the …

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How to disable Fast User Switching in Windows 10

Windows has a pretty self-explanatory feature called Fast User Switching. It lets multiple users log into the same PC with different accounts. Obviously, they can’t all use the computer at the same time but when they log in, they’ll have their own desktop, preferences and so on. While it’s easy …

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How to pin contacts to the taskbar in Windows 10

The good old taskbar has gotten much more versatile in Windows 10. One of the new things you can do is pin contacts to the taskbar in Windows 10. Yes, we can pin more than just apps to the taskbar. Obviously, filling the taskbar with contacts might not be an ideal …

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