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Terms of Use

ONEMORELIFEHACK.COM operates under the rules and guidelines imposed by these Terms of Service. By visiting, using and viewing our website’s content you accept and agree these Terms of Service, so please read it carefully. Please do not use ONEMORELIFEHACK.COM if you do not agree with our Terms of Service.


All individuals that use our website must be at least 14 years old. If we suspect you are under 14 years of age we reserve the right to delete your user account and content you’ve posted without prior notice.


Some of our website’s features are provided only to registered users that have their own accounts and profiles. When creating a user account we kindly ask that you enter accurate details about yourself, but entering information which protects your real identity is also within your rights. However, you are not allowed to impersonate someone else, be it a famous person or anyone else, you cannot provide someone else’s email address as your own, or create multiple user accounts.

Each user is fully responsible for the security of their account’s username and password as well as for the activities that occur from your account, regardless if they were authorized or not.

ONEMORELIFEHACK.COM reserves the right to delete or block your account and remove the content you’ve submitted with no reason and without having to notify you.


Each of our website’s visitors is granted a limited license for personal use of the content available on ONEMORELIFEHACK.COM. This doesn’t allow you to download, copy or modify any part of our content for commercial purpose without written permission from us.

You are also not allowed to share or sale any of our content including user-generated content. We also strictly forbid the use of any kind of data gathering and extraction tools and software such as robots and website scrapers.

Reproducing or redistributing materials from ONEMORELIFEHACK.COM is not allowed without our prior written consent.


Registered users can submit their own content which includes text, photos, data, and videos. Each user is responsible for their own user-generated content which must not be considered indecent, violent, defamatory, illegal, or injurious to third-parties in any other way. It must also not contain marketing advertisement, software viruses, mass mailings, political campaigning and other types of content categorized as spam.

Also, you must not submit user-generated content by impersonating someone else, or that infringes any intellectual property rights of a third-party entity or individual.

ONEMORELIFEHACK.COM reserves the right to remove any user-generated content that violates these Terms of Service as well as block or remove the user’s account.

Our website does not endorse facts or opinions expressed in user-generated content. We also reserve the right to monitor user-generated content at our discretion and restrict or remove the content we consider inappropriate.

By posting user-generated content on ONEMORELIFEHACK.COM, you are granting ONEMORELIFEHACK.COM an unlimited, non-exclusive, and transferable license to use, copy, modify and distribute it as well as display it in relation to our website. If your user-generated content infringes someone else’s intellectual property rights, ONEMORELIFEHACK.COM cannot be held liable.

We hold the right of using your user-generated content however we see fit, including to decide not to publish it or remove it from our site at any time.