How to keep your Phone, Laptop and Car Germ-Free?

Corona Virus cases are rising all over the world. This virus mostly transfers from person to person but any object can act as a carrier. Therefore, many precautionary measures need to be considered.

In this pandemic, a person needs to stay vigilant from any germ source. Anything can be contaminated which can transmit the virus in your body.

In the age of technology, electronic devices such as phones and laptops are the most used equipment. Other things such as cars for transportation can also get infected since it moves around different areas. According to the World Health Organization, Corona Virus mostly spread through touching. Therefore, you should clean or wash your hands and frequently touched areas of the body thoroughly to maintain protection. Keep your Phone, Laptop and Car-Germ Free to stay safe from Corona Virus.

Smart Phones:

Smart Phones are one of the most touched devices of this age. Because of this, it can be a potential source of the virus. According to a study, smartphones get infected from germs two times a day. The constant swiping and touching can be dangerous in this pandemic. Therefore, you need to adopt a proper cleaning habit to make it free from the viruses.

You can use an alcohol or disinfectant solution to clean your smartphones. Make sure to choose the one that has at least 55% of alcohol concentration in it. Clean it thoroughly as it is not damaging for the phone as suggested by the major phone companies.


A laptop is another critical source of the Corona virus as the hands and fingers are constantly used to touch, swipe and click on the surface. Since there are many small and sensitive areas around the keyboard and ports, cleaning it can be challenging.

You can make use of any alcohol or disinfectant solution to clean it up but make sure that the percentage of the isopropyl alcohol should be greater than 55 in the solution. Utilize a wipe, tissue, or soft cloth and gently clean each part.


Cleaning the complete car is not necessary as it is too much time taking and tiring. Therefore, you only need to focus on certain areas that are in direct contact with the body part i.e. hands. The areas that needs to be cleaned include handles, seat belts, steering wheel, shifter, radio, hand brake, etc.

Clean these areas with a disinfectant solution containing a good percentage of alcohol. A routine to clean the car is also necessary. Wipe these direct contact areas before driving each time.

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