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Do Real Estate Agents provide an Essential Service?

Real Estate Industry is one of the most important driving factors in the USA. Not just the independent Agents but all the people involved from buying to selling play a critical role to drive the financial variables. Real Estate Industry includes services like mortgage, insurance, official recording services, etc. 

Not only homes are bought, but tons of jobs are also generated from this field. There are 9.5 million real estate jobs in the USA as stated in a report by NAR. As the population is increasing, these jobs continue to grow at a massive scale. But due to the global pandemic of Corona Virus, the government has adopted the stay-at-home policy which can prove to be very damaging.

Generally, the spring is the home buying season in the USA so it is regarded as the opportunity grabbing period for all the Real Estate agents. But unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is on the verge to ruin the season for all the small and large scale Real Estate agencies. This season, real estate work has completely changed.

 Online facilitation tools are being implemented to maintain the working period. Things such as online house tours, online meetings, softcopy documentation, etc. have been introduced to get things done which has produced to be more beneficial.

The switch of the physical buying to online touring has increased the people‚Äôs request to 494% as published in a report by Redfin. The request is on the rising chart ever since. 

The complete lockdown has turned into an opportunity because it has reduced the physical cost factors. Because of this increased demand, Proper and timely Online Marketing could prove to be very advantageous for the Real Estate agents. Therefore, instead of just shutting down the business and taking a break, the real estate can get benefit from the business by marking their online presence. 

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