3 Tips to Sharpen your Image on a Video Call

The demand for video chatting applications is on the rise because of the global pandemic of COVID-19. People are getting used to the remote interaction tools because of the stay-at-home orders by Governments all over the world. Because of this lockdown, almost all major and small businesses throughout the world are on the declining phase. So there is a definite need for online communication tools to keep the vital industries in the running mode. 

Applications such as Skype, Whatsapp, Google Meet, Facetime are popular in this aspect. Although there are tons of video chatting applications available on the online market, most of them do not provide the desired video quality. 

To avoid constant interruptions and distortions in the video calls, you can make use of many tips and tricks to improve the quality of your image on a video call. In an interview conducted by the New York Times, professional designers and web application developers have recommended some key points to make your webcam’s image clear and of absolute quality. 

  1. Keep things neutral and basic:

You should have a neutral and clean background for the webcam. Organize the space by removing the irrelevant items to give the background a minimalistic and clean look.

Lauren Rottet, who is an experienced interior designer in California, gave her expert opinion to New York Times, describing to utilize of simple tones such as gray, white, light blue, dark blue, or beige for the background and avoid dark and illuminating colors such as orange, red, green, etc. to have perfect color order in the frame. 

  1. Utilize a sound-absorbing environment:

Select a spot that has several sound-absorbing items such as cushions, foams, carpets, etc. Since sound waves are reflected from the hard material, it will create an echo under certain conditions. Avoid this situation by using a soundproof space. 

  1. Find the perfect lighting space:

Lighting plays the most importing role in the video quality therefore a perfect balance of the intensity of light can be ideal. Don’t sit directly opposite to the sun or other light source.

Instead, try different angles by keeping a distance of at least two feet. You can also make use of additional light sources such as torch or ring LED lights.

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